What is SaaS and what are the benefits linked with it?

SaaS, which is also known as Software as a Service, can simply be defined as a software distribution model, where a third party service provider develops an application and hosts it, to make it available for the consumption of multiple clients. Slack can be considered as one of the most popular SaaS applications available out there. It is a third party project management system, which is being used by thousands of clients around the world.

The amazing benefits delivered by SaaS have contributed a lot towards its popularity. Here is a list of some of the most prominent benefits that are attached with SaaS.

  1. Reduced expenses

To get your job done, you are not developing a bespoke application. This will assist you to stay away from the massive development expenses. You will only be spending your money for a subscription fee, in order to use the software. On the other hand, the software that you use resides on a multitenant or shared environment. This will assist you to get rid of the hardware expenses as well. Due to this reason, SaaS has become extremely popular among small scale and medium scale businesses, which are not in a position to develop their own in-house software applications. 

  1. Integration and scalability

The SaaS applications are not being developed for specific clients. They are just developed for general purpose and it is up to your business to get used to the software. On the other hand, the SaaS software applications reside on a cloud. They can be scaled and integrated with the other SaaS offerings as per your specific needs and requirements. In other words, you will not have to spend your money on any other software or server.

  1. Upgrades would be offered to you on a regular basis

The SaaS providers would usually upgrade their offerings on a regular basis. You will be able to experience the benefits delivered by these upgrades without spending any money. The cost associated with releases and upgrades is significantly low when compared to traditional software applications, which would force the user to pay for upgrades. You will not have to pay for the specialized services in order to get the software upgraded as well. This can save a huge amount of money to you in the long run.

  1. Easy to use

Since SaaS applications are not being developed for specific clients, you will not find it as a difficult task to get used to it. In other words, there isn’t any complex functionality and you can easily get hold of the features. This is another positive feature linked with SaaS applications. This will also assist you to cut down the training expenses that are linked with the software tool. Moreover, this can facilitate a smooth migration as well.

As you can see, SaaS applications are linked with a variety of benefits as well as advantages. Therefore, you can think about getting hold of a one for your business needs without keeping any doubts in mind. In order to do that, you just need to get in touch with us at Webixion Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We will assist you to get the job done as per your preferences at an affordable price tag.


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